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by | Nov 11, 2019 | Good News, Memories

The Story

Imagine it is time for you to decide to take the next big quantum leap closer to your dream. And you’re so awesome, that you actually DO IT. Wow you’re such a crazy brainless lizard. You’ve done it.

On the 3rd of March 2018, you move to your dream village. You will be able to see What Matters at least 300 days per year. You’re such a spoilt brat bitch.

What you didn’t know, was that you were going to lose everything in the process. Quantum leaps did not tell you would lose your whole fucking old life, did they? Maybe they did, I might have been temporarily death back then.

Well, so, you lose all your savings again. Your safety net that was your home. Your partner. Your boss even fires you unexpectedly during the move week. Not even kidding. You are insulted when you register at the village hall office in Zermatt, EVEN WITH A RED SWISS PASSPORT, as if. And last but not least, the unemployment people are such ***holes, they treat that badly, as if you were the most stupid third of an animal shot in the intestines in the remote unknown lands of Oberwallis.